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Welcome to my website! My name is Rajiv Anisetti, but you can call me Raj. I was born in London and raised in Holmdel, New Jersey, but I currently call Los Angeles my home. I'm a third-year undergraduate student at UCLA studying computer science. I see the beauty in all aspects of computer science - the front end is where I express myself and show my vision and passion for a seamless user experience, while the back end is where the magic really happens and I can really get down to problem solving.

Outside of the binary world, I love breaking ankles on the basketball court (mostly my own) and making/listening to music. Most people would describe me as laid back, comical, and ambitious.

I spent last summer as a Software Engineering Intern at Qualtrics working on a static code analysis service for the Developer Platform's plugin submission pipeline. I spent the fall at Facebook as a Software Engineering Intern on the Facebook Assistant AI team at Facebook Reality Labs. I'll be joining Facebook full time as a software engineer in New York City this August.


C++, Go, Python, SQL


C, HTML/CSS, Angular, TypeScript, Lisp


Java, JavaScript, React, OCaml, MongoDB


*note: this list is not exhaustive by any means!


Here are a few of my latest projects.
Click on the images to check out their Github repos!


The Tinder for Classes: a class finder for UCLA students that parses classes based on user settings and presents classes in a swipeable interface

(Awarded Best Mobile Hack @ UCLA Hack on the Hill 3)



A portfolio advisor that takes into account public sentiment when analyzing public stocks utilizing natural language processing and sentiment analysis

(Awarded Best Use of Google Cloud API @ LAHacks)



An online tool built for Make-a-Wish that uses various machine learning classifiers/regressors including neural networks, logistic regression, random forest, and K-nearest-neighbours (KNN) to identify prospective donors and facilitate the Make-a-Wish donor search

(Awarded Second Place @ Hack-a-Wish 2019)



If I intrigue you, feel free to connect with me!

Los Angeles, US
Phone: 732-963-5963
Email: rajiv.anisetti@gmail.com

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